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DewDrop Support

DewDrop is an open source community composed entirely of volunteer developers. Because our developers are not paid, there is no "professional" support for the DewDrop framework.

There is also no immediate "professional" support for Jakarta's Tomcat, Apache's Ant, JBoss's J2EE Server, or Eclipse's incredible IDE either. These are examples of open source software products that are of exceptional quality, all with large and happy user bases, and used by hundreds of thousands of professional developers working for corporations. Open-source software does NOT in any way mean "its not good enough for professional use" (e.g. corporate America). We just can't be held liable for any problems that might arise from using the software. For legal clarification, you may read DewDrop's software license.

If you work for a company who wants supported software just because they need to "point the finger" if something goes wrong, then we can't help you with a support contract. However, if the demand for "professional" support is large enough, we will gladly consult with some lawyers and then provide fee-based technical support. Just let us know if you're interested.

With all this being said, however, there exists plenty of "unprofessional" (read non-legally binding) support to help the DewDrop user community as best as possible. We provide many helpful resources such as Mailing Lists, Bug Tracking, Discussion Forums, and Feature Request tools.

It is at the very heart of the open-source software mentality to provide high-quality software accessible to everyone for the sole benefit of those using and developing the software. In keeping with this spirit, our informal commitment to you is to provide the best software possible given our limited resources of time and money.

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